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Ethical Consumerism

The Sisters Under One Sky program unites women here in Nepal with a global sisterhood of women who wear Lotus Sky bracelets all over the world!


Lotus Sky is 100% women run at all levels- from Studio Manager, Sangye Dolma Lama, to Creative Director, Sarah Chapman, to our US super shipper, Caroline Christian!


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Business with a Conscience

Since we first started rocking out our globetrotter-glam artisan jewelry here in Kathmandu, Nepal, Lotus Sky has been all about the business- we’ve got a team of awesome go-getter women, after all!

But more than that, we've been all about using business as a way to create opportunities for women who want access to skills, the global marketplace, economic independence, and a place to recognize, cultivate, and proclaim their own creativity.

The world today truly is a global marketplace. When you go into your local mall or grocery store, take a look at the countries of origin! Figuring out how to shop and consume consciously can seem daunting.

At Lotus Sky, we want you to both know your makers and where your beautiful bracelets, handmade with a purpose, came from!


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Although all Lotus Sky bracelets are 100% authentically handmade by the women of Lotus Sky (no dealing through a third-party), we ascribe to the principles of FAIR TRADE business practices to use commerce as a tool for positive change for all Lotus Sky women- fabricators and consumers, alike!

Because when women have access to reliable income in a healthy, sustainable, and supportive environment backed by sisterhood, they make economic decisions that result in empowered communities, increased educational opportunities for themselves and their children, and medical access.


nepal fair trade bracelets


A business can create, from the ground up, a whole team of women who push themselves, believe in their own capabilities, and set goals for themselves and their families!

In recognition of FAIR TRADE business principles, Lotus Sky:

  1. Ensures more than a living wage, so that Lotus Sky women can save money, not just make ends meet

  2. Seeks to create long-term, holistic relationships with all Lotus Sky women

  3. Provides free ongoing training for all Lotus Sky women, so that they have opportunities to continue to grow and learn within the business

  4. Ensures a reliable, sustainable income with college plans, financial planning assistance, and continued opportunities for leadership roles

  5. Ensures healthy, eco-friendly working conditions for all 

  6. Builds strong, personal relationships with and among all Lotus Sky women and their families for a true community

  7. Repudiates child or forced labor of any kind

  8. Empowers women to make their own career choices, with work-from-home or “studio-track” options

  9. Ensures that women are never punished for medical or maternity leaves

  10. Encourages women to open their own bank accounts in their own names to ensure financial security and independence


ethical consumerism

Lotus Sky women gathered in their tent camps in an open field right after the April 2015 Nepal earthquake to support each other and keep the crocheting going! 


nepal roll on bracelets fair trade


Sisterhood and mutual support are a huge part of our ethos!


nepal bracelets fair trade


Lotus Sky Creative Director, Sarah, with Sangye, one of the first "gap year" students. Sangye has now been with Lotus Sky for nearly 3 years and is earning Bachelor of Business Administration!