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Lotus Sky Glass Beadwork Bracelets: Achieve the Perfect Fit

What size are Lotus Sky bracelets? Will they fit me?

Original sized Lotus Sky bracelets are crocheted to an approximate length of 7 inches, so that they have an inside circumference of about 6.5 to 6.75 inches.  We have found that this is the preferred bangle size for the majority of women.

We crochet our bracelets on hand-dyed natural cotton thread, so that they have a slight give to easily and comfortably slide over the largest part of the hand, while still resting perfectly right below the wrist bone.

We can always crochet custom bracelets- even if you only need one. Just email our creative director, Sarah, at beadwork@lotusskyjewelry.com to get started!

If you are not quite sure that our original sized bracelets will fit you, there are two helpful measurements:

>>> If the length across the top of your hand, from your index finger knuckle to your pinkie knuckle is around 3 inches, our original sized bracelets should easily slide over your hand.

>>> If your wrist circumference is anywhere between 5-6.5 inches, our original sized bracelets should fit.  However, if you prefer more wiggle room or a tighter fit, you can downsize or upsize appropriately.


For example, our creative director, Sarah's, wrist circumference is 5.75 inches and she prefers the original size, liking the "bangle room."  Our team leader, Pimma's, wrist circumference is 6.75 inches and she also prefers the original size, liking her bracelets to fit more like a "band."


Note that part of your perfect fit involves how you prefer your bracelets to fit.  Do you prefer a tighter fit like a "band" or a looser fit like a "bangle"?


Below is our inclusive sizing chart:  Our bracelets are by women, for women, so we know that bracelets are not "one size fits all"!

Littles/Kids 5.5"

Your wrist measures 3 - 5.5 inches. 

At 5.5 inches, your bracelet will fit more like a "band" than a bangle.

Petite 6.5"

Your wrist measures 5 - 6 inches. 

If your wrist is 6 inches or sightly larger and you want a looser "bangle" fit, you should upsize to Original.

Original 7"

Your wrist measures 6 - 6.5 inches. 

If your wrist is 6.75 inches or sightly larger and you want a looser "bangle" fit, you should upsize to Large.

Large 7.5"

Your wrist measures 7 - 7.25 inches. 

If your wrist is 7.25 inches or slightly larger and you want a looser "bangle" fit you should upsize to Extended.

Extended 8"

Your wrist measures 7.25 - 7.75 inches. 

The Extended fit will allow a "bangle" fit with the bracelet resting just below the wrist bone.




Sizing Options: You Really Can Have It Your Way

We are now offering many of our bracelets designs ready-made on the site in kids 5.5 inches, petite 6.5 inches, large 7.5 inches, and extended 8 inches. However, ANY bracelet design you see on the site can be crocheted in a size (or sizes) of your choice. Even if you only need just one bracelet, our crochet needles are ready to go!

To order a design in a customized size, simply write your sizing in the "Special Instructions" in your cart. 

If you have any questions, we are here for you! Just send an email to us, at beadwork@lotusskyjewelry.com.


How To (and Not To) Ensure the Perfect Fit:

If you find that your Lotus Sky bracelet is not a comfortable fit, please reach out to us and we will crochet the bracelet for you in a smaller or larger size.

While our standard sized bracelets do fit most women, they are NOT one size fits all! 

As your artisans, we are here to tell you that yanking on the bracelet to enlarge them will only pull the beads apart and, over time, make your bracelets more loose and flimsy. You wouldn't yank on a too-small sweater to make it fit you, would you? 

We aren't lazy artisans. Our job is to crochet impeccable bracelets to order that our customers love. If you find that the our standard sized bracelets are not the right size for you, we ensure the perfect fit by making sure that your bracelets are crocheted for you. Simply email beadwork@lotusskyjewelry.com for any resizing requests!