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Current Brand Ambassadors

Welcome to the Lotus Sky team!

At Lotus Sky we are all about global sisterhood and empowerment of communities through the young women at the heart of them. Most of the Lotus Sky women in Nepal are changing their families and communities as they are able to make economic choices for themselves and fund their educations.

We want to connect with young women around the world who care about ethical business and value global community!




What makes you a Lotus Sky girl?

Your followers follow you because they care about your view, your voice, your perspective on the world. Our goal in collaboration with you is to give you awesome, inspired  content that will build your personal online brand and not only increase your follower count, but help you have more active followers who are engaged on a regular basis with your posts!

As a Lotus Sky Brand Ambassador, you help us out by sharing your unique take on Lotus Sky bracelets with your followers.

> How do you style your bracelets?

> What color combos do you love?

> Which designs make the perfect stacks?

Your followers are all about the authentic YOU and nobody wears their bracelets the exact same way!


As a Lotus Sky Brand Ambassador, you get:

> Your very own unique % off coupon code that you can pass along to your fans and earn bracelets from. Every 10 customer referrals = a $50 Lotus Sky Gift Card for you!

> Special ambassador-only access to bracelets at special prices so you can stack your bracelets high and show off your bracelets on social media and to friends and family. This means more referrals for you!

> Reposts on our Insta with link to your account when you feature your Lotus Sky bracelets on your page and tag @lotus.sky on the image and #lotusskybracelets in the comments. This is more exposure to your account if you are a lifestyle or fashion blogger.

> For bloggers: Co-sponsored giveaways that reward your followers with great swag and awesome content- and hopefully bring even more fans to your account!

> The chance to design your very own bracelets- your pattern, your colors- to show your unique sense of style and creativity to your followers! Name your design and have it featured on our website, crediting you as the designer!




As a Lotus Sky brand ambassador we ask that you:

> Post content on social media as you earn new bracelets with an image that features Lotus Sky bracelets in any way you choose- this is all about your unique take on style, fashion, and the good life! Just tag @lotus.sky on the image and #lotusskybracelets in the comments/caption so we can repost your content on our page as well, with your account tagged, of course!

> Share your unique coupon code with your followers so that you can earn bracelets and other perks.

> Never feel shy about reaching out to us with ideas about collabs or special projects! When you are ready to host your first giveaway for Lotus Sky bracelets, just let us know! This can be a great way to gain new followers and build loyalty among those you already have!