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Know Your Makers

Have you ever bought artisan handmade products before and wondered who made them?


Maybe the tag or description even says something to the effect of "Fair Trade" or "Supporting Woman Artisans," leaving you to wonder what exactly that means. How many middle-persons did the product pass through before reaching you and who are these women artisans?


Surely they have faces, names, families, interests, dreams and goals! What is their stake in the product?


At Lotus Sky, we believe that you should "Know Your Makers." Lotus Sky women are not just "woman artisans." They are mothers, sisters, daughters, students, Christians, Buddhists, fashionistas, multilinguals, photographers, and color alchemists. They have names and amazing stories to tell. From Creative Director, Sarah, to Studio Manager, Sangye, they are all Nepal Earthquake survivors who lived together in tents camps for months following the first great quake on April 25, 2015.

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So before you buy artisan handmade products on the web, ask yourself, "Who made this and how many hands did it pass through to get to me?"


Because with Lotus Sky, it's directly from our crochet needles to your wrists!


Meet the Lotus Sky Studio Team HERE