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Lotus Sky Jewelry Photo Story

Posted on October 22 2014

A Trip To Kopan

Kopan is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery next to the forest and on the outskirts of Kathmandu. It sits on top of a hill and has beautiful statues inside, as well as stunning views of the capital city. I thought it would be great to make a little road trip there with some items from our Autumn collection so we could have a look around and run about in lots of beautiful jewelry.

On the way we found a bamboo thicket and had to have an explore.

Tibetan model, bamboo, jewelry, Lotus Sky
Lotus Sky model Pema wears Vajra pendent, hand-painted earrings, and glass beadwork art bracelets from Lotus Sky

We also ran into some chickens running about on the path, so of course we couldn't resit playing with them, all efforts for a model shot of course failed though...

Nepal, chicken, nature
After that, we went on up the hill to the monastery and luckily, we were allowed inside. I was amazed by how beautiful it was- both the buildings and the view, and it was obvious to see why many tourists and locals flock here every Saturday.
Tibetan model, Kathmandu, ethnic jewelry
Pema sitting above Kathmandu.
After taking in the stunning view, we had a look around the ornate shrine room...

Lotus Sky Jewelry, Tibetan model, monastery, boho
With a snow lion outside the shrine room

Tibetan monastery, shrine room, model, jewelry, photoshoot
Pema on the steps of the shrine room
After we left the monastery we explored the countryside outside and I couldn't resist twirling around in one of the silk dresses made from recycled sari fabric we'd just finished sewing.
Silk dress, sari, recycled, maxi dress, Lotus Sky
We make this dress design in many different color ways and it's great to run around in!
Pema also found a beautiful view of the valley and you can see how the city of Kathmandu peters out before the forest begins.
Lotus Sky, dream catcher, earrings, jewelry, bangles
Dream catcher earrings handmade in India with glass bead Lotus Sky bracelets
We also found more bamboo to climb amongst...
The beautiful silk dress again, also tested great for climbing.
Before long the sun started to set, as it does pretty early in Nepal. The power lines looked rather beautiful in the sunset though and we got one last shot of Pema wearing some of our handmade brass earrings.
Kathmandu sunset, Kopan, view, nature, power lines
Sunset over the valley.
Lotus Sky earrings, sunset, Nepal, Kathmandu
Some beautiful brass earrings.
We had a great time on our adventure to Kopan monastery and hope you enjoyed seeing our trip and some new jewelry. Have you every visited Nepal? And which are your favourite of these new items? Let us know in the comments and have a great day! 

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  • Debbie: November 06, 2016

    Beautiful pendant Pema is wearing. I like the longer necklaces.

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