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Mehndi at Lotus Sky's Shop

Posted on October 29 2014

We're always thinking of inspiring and creative things to offer at our Lotus Sky shop in Boudha, Kathmandu.  With tourist season upon us, this week we decided to bring mehndi, or "henna," to the store to give all the lovely trekkers decorated fingers and toes after their long climbs!

To create mehndi, we use henna paste to draw intricate designs on the hands and feet. Pema, one of our models, is also trained as a beautician and knows how to do mehndi so she used Sarah's hands as her first canvas!

Mehandi, Lotus Sky, shop, Boudha, Kathmandu
Sarah wears Lotus Sky glass bead bangles in our new Autumn color palette 
Mehandi, Lotus Sky, Boudha, Shopping, Kathmandu
Quite a few passers by stopped to look at what we were doing and it was a lot of fun, so watch this space for more mehndi art!  Watching the wonderful designs that emerge can be  as wonderful as getting your own hands and feet painted!
Lotus Sky Shop, Boudha, Kathmandu
Our store-front on Pulbari Road, Boudha
Lotus Sky Shop, mehandi, Nepal
We had a great time showcasing mehndi in the store and will also soon be offering manicures and hand massages to accompany!
By Isabelle 


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