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Lotus Sky Fashion on a Kathmandu Rooftop!

Posted on November 02 2014

Despite the imminent arrival of Winter, here in Nepal it's still pretty sunny so it's sometimes possible to pretend it's still summer, at least for a photo shoot! A few weeks ago, when it was quite a bit warmer, Monica, a gorgeous Lotus Sky girl who is half Tibetan and half Nepali, came to my house and we did a little photo shoot on my rooftop.
Lotus Sky, jewelry, model, rooftop, boho
The dress Monica is wearing is a classic maxi dress cut made from a recycled Indian silk sari. The dress makes a statement on its own, so to keep it clean and chic, we paired it with a sunshine yellow multi-strand potay necklace and cinnamon red potay earrings. Potay is a traditional type of Nepali jewelry featuring tiny seed beads, popularly worn in color blockings of red, green, and gold.
At Lotus Sky we make contemporary versions of potay jewelry using different colors and innovative designs. We are working on our animal inspired line of bracelets for a winter launch! 
Monica's potay necklace and earrings are so light and effortless, they complement the assertive, free-spirited design of this dress perfectly!

Kathmandu rooftop, model
Monica jumped up onto the wall of my rooftop and looked very regal surveying the city. 

Lotus Sky jewelry, model, Tibetan, Nepali, Nepal

Umbrella, Tibetan model, boho, fashion
Be it for rain or sun, many people in Kathmandu have this rainbow colored umbrella and I am no exception, it just so happened that it mirrored the colors of the dress.

Lotus Sky jewelry, Nepali model, Kathmandu, rooftop

Lotus Sky jewelry model, Nepal rooftop
And this is the back of the dress!

Lotus Sky jewelry model, spiral staircase, boho fashion
So a fun shoot and a fun dress!   And remember, "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow."  - Helen Keller
By Isabelle 


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