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What is the meaning of LOTUS SKY?

Posted on November 14 2019

Where does the name LOTUS SKY come from?

LOTUS SKY is our brand, but just like our bracelets, it actually stands for SO much more.

The name represents the essence of our identity as a 100% woman run social enterprise. Motivated by sisterhood and the knowledge that women's empowerment is the key to creating a stronger next generation, we have created a movement! 🙌🏼

Lotus Sky started right in the heart of Boudhanath district, a mostly Tibetan refugee area filled with monks, nuns and monasteries.  Within the Buddhist tradition, the lotus flower is the beauty that emerges from the darkest mud. In dark, amorphous, mired water the lotus flower begins its journey, only to bloom in beauty and to rise above everything in purity and form. From difficult situations, the most amazing structure can emerge.


Lotus Sky Bracelets - meaning of the lotus flower

And this, really, is a lot of what social entrepreneurship is.

The social entrepreneur lands in seemingly infertile soil with a belief that the will exists within those soil particles to rise above the darkness and to imagine a different way of being. You might say that social enterprise transforms hardship into opportunity and manifests both economic empowerment and SOCIAL IMPACT. 💫

A pivotal moment in our Lotus Sky journey was April 25, 2015: Magnitude of 8.1, a depth of a mere 5 miles, and an epicenter right outside of Kathmandu.


Nepal earthquake - Lotus Sky Bracelets team

For 8 months our stores were closed, our shipping was down, we lived outside under plastic tarps. To all this, our response was BRACELETS. And training a team!


Lotus Sky women training during Nepal earthquake

We are a team of leaders- Sangye, Sarah, Nima, & Pimma- who inspire and train 120 female artisans in Nepal. Starting with a team of 5 woman whose average age was 18 (young but mighty!), flowering in the community we aim to empower means that our only US-based position is that of our part-time shipper, Erin, who works out of her home office.

This keeps as many resources and job opportunities on the ground in Nepal as possible!✔️

Lotus Sky women are 120 movers and shakers in our communities; we are creatives and designers who create beauty from difficulty, who find opportunity in hardship.

Lotus Sky bracelets represent the lotus flower rising from the mud. They represent female creativity and economic empowerment. They represent women who do not give up. They make a difference. 🙏🏼

These are LOTUS SKY bracelets!

TELL US:  How do you respond to difficult situations?  Do you have a metaphor or belief that guides you through hard times?  Tell us in a comment below! 

We will randomly choose one person who comments to win your choice of 3 Lotus Sky bracelets from the website (no more custom giveaways for now- we are a little bit behind!!!)



  • Carolyn: June 05, 2020

    I love your bracelets and unique designs. Your necklaces are especially beautiful. As a suggestion, wouldn’t it be nice to have a matching bracelet to go with it?

    The women are very talented and skilled. The fact that this work empowers them and help them be self-sufficient brings me joy. Thank you, Lotus Sky.

  • Rita Shaw: December 06, 2019

    I own over 100 of these bracelets. I love that it empowers women.
    I have so many colors and I wear up to 8 every time and get soooooo many compliments.

  • Pam Macpherson: December 06, 2019

    I love my bracelets! When I wear them, I think of the women who made them and how they have risen out of the dust and ashes and carried on despite the troubles that live can bring. I wear my bracelets everyday and it reminds me to be like the Nepali women and rise up no matter what life sends your way. I am so proud to wear the bracelets and share with others who ask about them the lives of the brave and fearless women who made them. I am encouraged too! Thank you Lotus Sky!

  • leeloo: December 06, 2019

    Never let the darkness invade your heart despite the pain always bring joy and laughs into your Life ! Keep inspiring the world with your actions . empowerment to the people !!Love from Canada!

  • Julie Faulk: December 06, 2019

    I love the teachings of Buddha n have images throughout my home. I have a pond where many lotus bloom n enjoy their beauty. I respect the people of Nepal n their gorgeous bead work. Thankyou Lotus Sky!!!

  • Kimberly Cross: December 06, 2019

    Wearing these beautiful bracelets gives me an attitude that I’m beautiful and bold. That being said, by wearing them, they help me through rough times and makes the good times even better. I have fibromyalgia and there are a lot of bad times, chronic pain/ depression/ memory fog as well as moodiness and the feeling of loneliness. I’m so happy that these bracelets are available and I can show my feelings by what colors I find delight in for the day. Every one of my Lotus sky bracelets tell my story and help me remember tomorrow will be better day. I also find delight in the response I receive when I give them as gifts and can share a smile with someone.

  • Jerilyn Anderson: December 06, 2019

    There is a Hebrew saying that I wear on a ring, which translates to “This Too Shall Pass”. Helps me live in the moment, savoring the sweet times and knowing the difficult will also, one day, be behind me.

  • Barbara Rivas: December 06, 2019

    When facing times of trouble, I turn to God, faith and family, as my source of comfort and place to refuel; to get up and keep going.

  • LK K ALLEN: December 06, 2019

    Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be, but what will happen in all the other days that will ever come can depend on what you do today.

    I return to this thought whenever I feel overwhelmed or perplexed about things that happen in my life that cause me concern or worry.

    It reminds me to stay my course. To honor my beliefs and to keep my moral compass pointing in the right direction.

    Simply put, Lotus Sky will prevail, for those very reasons.

  • Mary Green: December 06, 2019

    Thank you for sharing this. I didn’t know the significance of the lotus flower before. In difficult times my mother would always say ,“this too shall pass” on the other hand, when my dad gave me some small thing he would say “it’s not much, but it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick” so they pretty much coached me on the tough and the good. I think of them both often. My mother would have loved these bracelets as much as I do. And having had large hands she would have appreciated the different sizes.
    Peace~ Mary

  • sheila: December 06, 2019

    I am so happy that you have started this for yourselves. Strong women, hard working women. I love your bracelets and so proud of each and every one of you ladies.

  • Lynda Kaspar: December 06, 2019

    I kept seeing all these bracelets on FB and thought they were very pretty. It wasn’t until I read about the women from Nepal that I got inspired to order some, to better the lives of these ladies. They work hard and I’m sure for very little money to help their families and themselves. We take so much for granted here in the US. The thought of their hands actually making something just for me, even though I don’t know them and they don’t know me touches my heart. I am very proud of the ones I have received and consider them as some of my most precious jewelry. I would be proud to be chosen to received 3 special bracelets and would wear them with pride and dignity. Thank you for
    Considering me worthy of even receiving a gift such as this.

  • Lisa Mayer-Wille: December 06, 2019

    What a great way to empower young women to forge ahead to a great future! It is so important to teach women a trade and a way to support there families!

  • Susan Brown: December 06, 2019

    I am so proud of all you amazing women. Your bracelets are absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful art. I enjoy each and everyone of them I have now. I wear my bracelets every day. I love them. Keep up the amazing work and thank you.
    Peace Love and Lotus Sky

  • Cathryn: December 06, 2019

    In a difficult situation I first close my eyes, take a deep breathe and picture my sparkling gold cocoon of protective energy surrounding me. It helps to center me. I feel energized and just take charge.

  • Brigette Ambrozewski: December 06, 2019

    What an inspiring story!! All of you women are extraordinary human beings and extremely talented. I am blessed to share your story with others and encourage them to become part of the Lotus Sky family.

  • Brenda Green: December 06, 2019

    I love these. Love that women are working together to make a better life for their families

  • Bonnie Davis : December 06, 2019

    Hi !! Love Lotus Sky so much…the bracelets are so beautiful..the ladies are amazing.
    I always try to stay positive…never ever give up.. I don’t let anyone dull my sparkle either..My dad always told me " Better days are coming" especially if I was having a bad day…I lost my first born son..to muscular Dystrophy..he was my sunshine..was a strong little sweet boy..who had to struggle at times..after he passed away..took piece of my heart…just always have Hope!! Love…Bonnie

  • Barbara Ann Wilson: December 06, 2019

    You ladies inspire me so much! In the past, I haven’t dealt well with difficult situations but I’m learning to change. As a believer in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus the Son of the Living God, I believe that when I accepted Him as my Savior, He will guide me through this life every step of the way and provide all I need to follow Him. I might not always understand the situation but His ways are not our ways. He will continue to make me like Jesus until His return for us…people that believe on His Name that He is the Son of God who took away the sins of the world. I want to be so like Jesus because He is the embodiment of God…and God IS love! May blessings continue to come your way! You are such strong ladies! I admire you!

  • Julie Coughlin: December 06, 2019

    When one door closes another one will open. We must not give up and keep working so that we do not miss the door that will open.

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