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What is the meaning of LOTUS SKY?

Posted on November 14 2019

Where does the name LOTUS SKY come from?

LOTUS SKY is our brand, but just like our bracelets, it actually stands for SO much more.

The name represents the essence of our identity as a 100% woman run social enterprise. Motivated by sisterhood and the knowledge that women's empowerment is the key to creating a stronger next generation, we have created a movement! 🙌🏼

Lotus Sky started right in the heart of Boudhanath district, a mostly Tibetan refugee area filled with monks, nuns and monasteries.  Within the Buddhist tradition, the lotus flower is the beauty that emerges from the darkest mud. In dark, amorphous, mired water the lotus flower begins its journey, only to bloom in beauty and to rise above everything in purity and form. From difficult situations, the most amazing structure can emerge.


Lotus Sky Bracelets - meaning of the lotus flower

And this, really, is a lot of what social entrepreneurship is.

The social entrepreneur lands in seemingly infertile soil with a belief that the will exists within those soil particles to rise above the darkness and to imagine a different way of being. You might say that social enterprise transforms hardship into opportunity and manifests both economic empowerment and SOCIAL IMPACT. 💫

A pivotal moment in our Lotus Sky journey was April 25, 2015: Magnitude of 8.1, a depth of a mere 5 miles, and an epicenter right outside of Kathmandu.


Nepal earthquake - Lotus Sky Bracelets team

For 8 months our stores were closed, our shipping was down, we lived outside under plastic tarps. To all this, our response was BRACELETS. And training a team!


Lotus Sky women training during Nepal earthquake

We are a team of leaders- Sangye, Sarah, Nima, & Pimma- who inspire and train 120 female artisans in Nepal. Starting with a team of 5 woman whose average age was 18 (young but mighty!), flowering in the community we aim to empower means that our only US-based position is that of our part-time shipper, Erin, who works out of her home office.

This keeps as many resources and job opportunities on the ground in Nepal as possible!✔️

Lotus Sky women are 120 movers and shakers in our communities; we are creatives and designers who create beauty from difficulty, who find opportunity in hardship.

Lotus Sky bracelets represent the lotus flower rising from the mud. They represent female creativity and economic empowerment. They represent women who do not give up. They make a difference. 🙏🏼

These are LOTUS SKY bracelets!

TELL US:  How do you respond to difficult situations?  Do you have a metaphor or belief that guides you through hard times?  Tell us in a comment below! 

We will randomly choose one person who comments to win your choice of 3 Lotus Sky bracelets from the website (no more custom giveaways for now- we are a little bit behind!!!)



  • Ashley: December 06, 2019

    I respond to difficult situations by kicking butt and getting through it. No sense in feeling sorry for yourself.That won’t fix anything. Cancel the pity party, put on your big girl panties and fight. I have quotes I say to myself during hard times as well. Too many quotes to list. My most effective tactic is trying to find the bright side. I am an eternal optimist. Everything happens for a reason. Probably my favorite thing to say is “I’ve been through worse and come out on the other side better, smarter and stronger” There is actually a country song I enjoy that lifts me up in hard times “if you’re going through hell, keep on going. Don’t slow down if your scared don’t show it. You might get out before the devil even knows you’re there. If You’re going through hell, keep on moving. Face that fire, walk right through it. You might get out before the devil even knows you’re there” That song reminds me that no matter how hard things get, you just have to fight and fight hard until you come out on the other side. There is nothing you can’t do or overcome. Women are the smarter and stronger sex, after all. 💯

  • Deborah : December 06, 2019

    Thank you for sharing the lovely history of your company name! I have bought your beautiful bracelets and have given them to friends. So many gorgeous styles it’s difficult to choose! This holiday season I intend to purchase more bracelets to give as gifts.

    How do I respond to difficult situations? My motto is, “This too shall pass.” I try to take small actionable steps towards surmounting the situation and I pray to the Almighty he will give me courage and wisdom. I look forward to reading other comments, hoping to learn better techniques from others. Thank you.

  • Susan Rabick: December 06, 2019

    Social entrepreneurship is proving the key to lifting women and their families throughout the world! Congratulations to you for assisting in this endeavor. I cherish my rolling bracelets for their beauty, but also for the courage and creative gifts that represent the wonderful artisans who make them.

    Gratefully – Susan Rabick, Nebraska

  • Liisa: December 06, 2019

    Lotus sky is a great way to empower woman. Great products. Beautiful.

  • dora: December 06, 2019

    with so much darkness in the world, be the light that you can be.

  • Katy: December 06, 2019

    Even if things feel really low, I ask “what could truly make it even WORSE” and then I reflect that atleast I am not at the really bottom of what I initially thought. When things feel bleak remind yourself how far you’ve made it, not how far you may have fallen short, and that there is always Atleast ONE person in your corner rooting for you. Have you ever watched a baby try to learn something new, like rolling or trying to walk for the first time? Sure, they get frustrated when they fall. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes they don’t want to try anymore. But you know what? After hearing the clapping and encouragement from their parents/caretakers they try again. And boom before you know it they roll and then start crawling and then start walking. Because they got past that frustration, because they had someone backing them up. We can learn a lot from
    Babies lol :)

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