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Size Chart

What size are your bracelets? Will they fit me?

Standard sized Lotus Sky bracelets are crocheted to an approximate length of 7 ¼ inches, so that they have an inside circumference of about 7 inches. 7 inches is the preferred bangle size for the vast majority of women.

Our bracelets are crocheted on cotton thread, so that they have a slight give to easily and comfortably roll over the largest part of the hand, while still resting perfectly right below the wrist bone.

We can always crochet custom bracelets- even if you only need one. Just email info@lotusskyjewelry.com to get started!

If you are not quite sure that our standard sized bracelets will fit you, there are two helpful measurements:

  • If the length across the top of your hand, from your index finger knuckle to your pinkie knuckle is around 3 inches, our standard sized bracelets should easily roll over your hand.

  • If your wrist is anywhere between 5-6 inches around, our standard sized bracelets should also fit.