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Featured Artisans - December!

Lhajik Bhote, the Crocheter Behind the Artisanally She-Crafted December Set, presents the themed collection, "Winter Cityscape."

Meet Lhajik Bhote, a vibrant 25-year-old artisan with roots in Sankhasabha, although she was born in the capital city. Currently navigating her way through university life, Lhajik is in her third year of pursuing a Bachelor's degree in sociology.

While she dedicates her time to academic pursuits, Lhajik is also an integral part of Lotus Sky, having contributed her skills and creativity for over a year. Introduced to our community by her cousin, she brings a unique flair to our craft.

Beyond her association with Lotus Sky, Lhajik is a member of another organization and an aspiring dressmaker. Recently passing South Korea's EPS examination, she eagerly awaits the completion of her immigration process. In her spare time, she immerses herself in the world of Korean dramas, expressing a particular fondness for them.

A devoted learner, Lhajik is a member of Blessed Hope, where she hones her sewing skills, specializing in creating dresses like kurtas. As she progresses through her university journey and explores the realms of craftsmanship, Lhajik's story unfolds with each stitch and academic milestone.


Barsa Bhote, the Crocheter Behind the Sisters Under One Sky December Monthly Club, presents the themed collection, "Iridescent Snow Mirage"

Meet Barsa Bhote, a dynamic 24-year-old artisan who has been weaving her magic at Lotus Sky for the past two months. Originally hailing from Sankhasava, just like her colleague Lada, Barsa was introduced to the world of Lotus Sky through one of her cousins.

After completing middle school, Barsa decided to embark on a different journey, choosing to focus on creating a nurturing home environment. Currently a devoted housewife, she cherishes the joy of motherhood with her 22-month-old child.

Barsa's affinity for matte beads shines through in her bracelet preferences, with her ultimate favorite design being the enchanting Twinkle. Seeking a healthier and more sustainable life, she made the move to the bustling capital city, where she continues to add her creative touch to Lotus Sky's intricate designs.

In her leisure moments, Barsa finds solace in travel, with her heart set on exploring the beauty of her village – a place that holds a special spot in her soul. Before TikTok faced restrictions in Nepal, Barsa enjoyed sharing her moments through live streams, showcasing her vibrant personality to a wider audience.