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More Bead Bangles

We've done it before and we are at it again-  bracelets crocheted with more beads to a width of 8 beads around instead of our original 6.

The only thing is, it's been a while and this collection represents the first time that Lotus Sky Craftswomen, Kaanchi, Megmaya and Anu have ever crocheted bracelets to a thickness of 8 beads around.

Therefore, many of the bracelets are just a little smaller or just a little larger than the original 7-inches.

That said, many people enjoy bracelets that are a bit snugger or looser so we have decided to release this batch with the sizing indicated as such!

Keeping in mind these bracelets are thicker than our originals, so "hanging" low with a bit of a larger fit can integrate them well with your other bracelets if you wear your More Bead Bangle at the bottom of the stack by your hand.  Alternately, if you prefer a bangle that hugs your wrist a bit more, the snugger fit might make your wrists shimmy!

We can't wait to hear your thoughts!  : )