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Your designs are in!

Posted on January 24 2020

Four of the first designs from COLLAB WEEK on our Instagram (@lotus.sky) and Facebook page (Lotus Sky Bracelets) are finally in and up on the website!


A couple of these were inspired by songs you all recommended- songs that we didn't initially knew, but listened to and learned from in order to come up with these designs!


For those of you who are interested in reading more about our process with these bracelets, we are excited to share!


The Drift Away Bracelet

We actually didn't recognize the song when Florence recommended it as the song she wanted to see inspire a bracelet- we chose her recommendation before listening to the song (and then of course we recognized it), but we know that we can design from any inspiration, so we thought why not challenge ourselves!

It seems fitting, then, that the opening line of the song is: “Day after day, I'm more confused; Yet I look for the light through the pouring rain...” That aptly captures the limbo that we have been in since mid-October- confused and stunned, yes, but always looking for the light (and finding the rainbow, of course!). It was meant to be!

To signify the freedom of finding the light through the rain, the beautiful Lotus Sky Craftswoman, Anu, crocheted 70s inspired rainbow colors into our “Americana Flag” patterns, even making the stars twinkling rainbows in a hazy sky that is clearing.

To bring an even more 70s vibe to the bracelet, we incorporated Bronze and Dark Amber into the design. We love the result- and hope you do too!

This bracelet signifies that responding creatively and COLLABORATIVELY will always help you find the light!


The Disco Rainbow theme- Recommended by Marie!


The Yesterday Once More Bracelet recommended by Laurie

Again, this was another song that we didn't know, but we tried to simultaneously capture the nostalgia of the lyrics as well as the interplay of both happiness and sadness in the song. Invoked is at once a childlike simplicity and joy, brought to life by a song on the radio, as well as a yearning for what has past.

We played again on a 70s theme and found inspiration in a dress worn by Karen Carpenter with printed asymmetrical lines. The colorful nature of the bracelet along with the sunny backdrop are grounded by the “moodier” darker tones.

Nostalgia is both sweet and sorrowful, but we embrace it on the journey!
Thank you so much for your song suggestion, Lacie! We hope we did it justice! : )


Rainbow in a Waterfall Bracelet - designed from multiple suggestions of rainbow and water themes from Day 1 of Collab Week!


For those of you interested in checking out the designs from Collab Week, the completed work can be found at the link below:




Do you have an inspiration, theme, song or concept you'd like to see represented in a Lotus Sky bracelet?   Let us know in the comments below- we can't wait to hear your ideas!  : )

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  • Lori Morgan-Peace: February 22, 2020

    “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor

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