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We do it for girls like Kunsang

Posted on November 28 2019

We are grateful...


That our bracelets make a difference, not only in the movement toward a fair trade that places women at the center of the economy as leaders, but also for the funds our designs have raised for girls' education!


Today we wrote a check for a full year boarding scholarship for Kunsang Dolma, a 6 year old girl who will now have access to education thanks to the incredible work of the Shree Mangal Dvip (SMD) Boarding School in Kathmandu. SMD serves the most vulnerable children from the Nepal Himalayas who come from villages lacking basic infrastructure, sanitation, health care and schools.

We are fortunate to have a long-standing relationship with this school- several of our “gap year” interns are SMD graduates, as is Sangye, our Operations Manager; Lemon, the woman who introduced us to her beadwork crochet bracelets; and Dawa, assistant studio manager and Sangye's little sister.


The best part is that this has been a collaboration with our caring, empowered, passionate customers: YOU! Rewind to one year ago on Black Friday, we designed one of our favorite and most popular bracelets, the Give Her a Chance bracelet. The first goal was to create a bracelet that symbolized inclusion and was as beautiful and intricate as possible. The second goal was to use this bracelet to raise money for the Lotus Sky Scholarship Fund.


Each full year for a boarder at SMD costs $935 and we are THRILLED that through the sales of the Give Her a Chance bracelet, showcased in this video, we raised enough funds for not only this latest scholarship, but have $300 now in the Fund for the next one!


We have created a special stack in our Black Friday collection featuring our Give Her a Chance bracelets and Titanium Quartz.  100% of the proceeds from this stack will go toward the next scholarship!

Check it out HERE


We are grateful that we do bracelets. And that these bracelets actually make a difference to the Lotus Sky women, to our customers, to the next generation of girls that we hope will keep the movement going.


What are you grateful for?

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