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Bracelet Obsessed for a Cause: Lotus Sky Bracelets = Empowerment

Posted on October 13 2016

Bracelet Obsessed for a Cause


Here at Lotus Sky, we're pretty bracelet obsessed. The thing is, while we love pretty arm candy, mixing and matching, and designing from sun up to sun down, Lotus Sky bracelets represent a whole lot more than beautiful bracelets. 


boudha stupa nepal


Each Lotus Sky bracelet is actually a testimony to transformed lives, hope, economic independence, and global sisterhood.


There are a lot of "fair trade" jewelry companies out there and nearly as many sellers of what have come to be known as "Nepal Glass Bead Bracelets." But there are some very clear things that set Lotus Sky apart, as both our 120+ Lotus Sky women and our amazing, worldwide network of customers can attest. We're proud of our business model and we want you to be just as proud of wearing your Lotus Sky bracelets as a member of our global sisterhood wherever you are in the world!


Here are 4 reasons why your Lotus Sky bracelet obsession is for a cause:


(1) Lotus Sky Bracelets are made by Lotus Sky Women.

Yep, there's TONS of sellers out there. Or, shall we say, resellers?

Most Nepal glass bead bracelets found online today, even on Etsy and even at "wholesale" prices, are NOT sold by the designers and crocheters who put their hard work and hearts into creating your bracelets!

Reselling is a perfectly fine practice (we love our boutique clients!), however, when the practice is done without transparency, misleading you into thinking that you are connecting with handmade artisans and designers, or that the bracelets you are buying are "fair trade," raising women in the third world out of poverty, then truly the practice is harmful to both you, the consumer, and the makers, who are hidden from the commerce process.

Lotus Sky women are not village women contracted by city dealers on a seasonal basis, and paid a "living wage" that covers no more than the basics of everyday life in impoverished Nepal.

Rather, Lotus Sky women are all city women living in Kathmandu. Many are college students who have been able to architect their own way through economic independence from father or husband. Others are Tibetan refugees who have transformed their communities through their own economic empowerment, investing in their children, community resources, and medical care. Still others are members of a Lhomi community of Christian converts who have resettled after being exiled from their Buddhist village. All are empowered, passionate, capable women. Many will earn their Master's degrees due to the economic advantages provided by their work with Lotus Sky.


 homework at the lotus sky bracelet studio

(2) At Lotus Sky, we believe in a "saveable wage," rather than the fair trade standard of a "living wage."

A saveable wage is just that- one that leaves something to put in the bank after living expenses have been met. A living wage just makes ends meet. A saveable wage is one that allows for things like women's education, medical expenses, improved quality of life, and investment in the future. A saveable wage is also the reason why 98% of our college aged women are in school, many having returned after joining Lotus Sky. They are majoring in everything from Business Administration, to Social Work- Management to Computer Science.

In Nepal, like pretty much anywhere, money means choice. But in Nepal, a place where so many people are stratified by caste and girls' worth is measured by their bride price, not their intellectual contribution to society, having independent economic means is all the more impactful. 


(3) If you visit Nepal, you can actually come meet us!


That's right! We are a real team, not a huge manufacturer who farms out labor to impoverished village women or children. You can come meet each and every one of your Lotus Sky bracelet makers if you every visit Kathmandu, Nepal. And...we can even create custom bracelets for you - your beads, your choice. We believe you should know your artisans!

lotus sky nepal bracelets


(4) We take custom orders!

Yes, ma'am! You dream it up, we create it! Your colors, your designs!

We don't even impose order minimums for custom work. Whether you are a boutique looking for a custom collection that you know your customers will love, or if you are just building up your personal arm candy collection and know you have the best idea for a design, we're here for you!

Start designing HERE.

how to make nepal bracelets


And now you know 4 reasons why Lotus Sky Bracelets are more than just pretty arm candy, but are bracelets with a story and a cause!

For all you amazing women out there who have given us great feedback, encouragement, challenged us with custom designs, and stuck with us even through the 2015 earthquakes, we have a little extra bonus!

You can snag an official Lotus Sky bumper sticker with your $25+ purchase on top of your coupon code! Just write "Bumper sticker bonus" in the "Special Instructions" at check out!


lotus sky bracelets bumper sticker

So, what are you waiting for! Create your new arm candy stack now!


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