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Sisters, United.

Posted on March 24 2020

As we stand united as a global community during this critical time, we are reminded of the core mission of social enterprise: To uplift and empower the most vulnerable in the midst of difficult circumstance- to plant seeds and till soil in uneven terrain.

There is a second part to this that is often overlooked, but that has always been central to Lotus Sky: Offering our global sisterhood solidarity, hope, a sense of justice, and knowledge that your little bracelets shimmering on your wrists are making a difference for women- that at every level of our production chain, we are making choices to benefit and uplift women.



Those of you who have been following us for years know that it was during the earthquakes of 2015 in Nepal that we made a choice as a collective social enterprise to train displaced women on our beadwork crocheted bracelets, such that when we finally moved out of our makeshift tent camps and the borders re-opened 8 months later, Lotus Sky bracelets became our main product line.

In a male-dominated society, it was many displaced and refugee women in the Lotus Sky community who became the primary breadwinners for their families during the earthquake recovery.



The concept of the New Fair Trade highlights that women bear multiple economic burdens in a country like Nepal that traditional economic models- even traditional fair trade models- sometimes overlook.

Because Lotus Sky was founded by college student women, this was apparent to us in a way that might elude men, especially men from western societies.

Firstly, women with limited family resources must often pay for their own educations. In a country like Nepal, this can be true even in grade school. If mothers want to see their daughters complete school, they often must bear this cost themselves.

Secondly, women bear the cost of many household expenses and medical care for their children. At the beginning of Lotus Sky, we learned quickly that refugee women who could not open a bank account in Nepal were eager for a way to safely save money independent from their husbands so that they could take care of household essentials that might otherwise not have been prioritized. It is so often mothers who gather the money to take their sick child to the hospital.



The principle that emerged from these observations was that of an investable wage- a wage necessary for women to both fulfill their own dreams while also carrying their families. We have based our entire social enterprise model on the concept of an investable wage and have shared this principle with many other women's organizations and collectives in Nepal.

We know that for the many women around the globe who have supported our small, grassroots social enterprise, the quality and beadwork standards that have become synonymous with Lotus Sky represent to you something more: The knowledge that these standards are possible because of our investable wage model- a model that uplifts women and gives them the resources, stability and security necessary to achieve greatness.



Nobody in Lotus Sky has a business degree. Or a marketing degree. We don't even have a crafting degree.

What we do understand is sisterhood. That when one of us is down, it impacts us all. 

Our studio is temporarily closed while Nepal is on lockdown.  However, we understand that right now as the women in Nepal stand ready to yet again become the main economic support for their families with husbands and brothers out of work for many months to come, we are in solidarity with so many of our customers all over the world who are facing a similar reality. 



Lotus Sky bracelets have never been about bracelets and only bracelets. They have always symbolized global sisterhood- women helping one another, women recognizing our essential unity across political boundaries and space.

Please know that we, your sisters, are sending you all healing, peace, and whatever you need as we face a new global reality together.

Wherever you are in the world, we are all sisters under one sky. And we will get through this together.



  • Stephanie Hogan: March 29, 2020

    I donated money to my church! They opened a food bank give a free meal to any family,lend out computers to the kids all with a knock on your door drop and leave! Bought Easter candy church is selling don’t eat candy daughter will like it!! I am staying in and not hoarding anything!I hope everyone is healthy and safe! Love and miss you ladies!! 💕😘🤩😄😍💯🎈💋

  • Elizabeth C : March 29, 2020

    Thank you for this post. I’ve been feeling really down again lately. And you have reminded me to think globally and see the bigger picture. We do very much give back. Hubby is a Dr but doesn’t work as one. As he is immune deficient we must consider ourselves lucky in that via phone, cellphone, & internet he can advise and help patients who need it. While I try to keep the house in order and roof over our heads as well. We’re all being tested & challenged. Thank you for always rising above and sharing your messages of positivity along with your beautiful work. (I’m going to forward your FB post to friends. I hope some read this and enter here. Plus share the post as well.)

  • Christa Benward: March 29, 2020

    Me and my daughter are making washcloth animals for the senior home in our town who are lonely. Trying to teach her about service and love and kindness some of the values missing in today’s society.

  • LkAllen: March 29, 2020

    These are troubling times for certain and we are all unclear as to how and when our individual normal daily lives will begin again …but I do know this for certain …it is always darkest right before dawn and with the dawn comes renewed hope and closer to a new normal that we can grasp and build upon. The strength & unity of the sisterhood under one sky movement is the very proof of that. Namaste ❤️

  • Gail: March 29, 2020

    Your decision to close the studio temporarily is most certainly understandable, and the only reasonable decision. You all will come back as strong as ever, and we will be there to support you….. I know I will be! The bracelets I have received so far are so beautiful, they signify hope and strength to me and connect us to your sisterhood of artists. I can’t wait to promote them with my own handcrafted jewellery. In my own area, I am shopping for others, picking up and delivering holistic tinctures and healthy supplements to friends whose immunity is compromised. And after many too years, I’ve started donating blood again! So glad I found Lotus Sky 💞 Be healthy and optimistic….we will all unite when this is over.

  • Katy : March 29, 2020

    A lot of our supermarkets have been over shopped during this pandemic, and our neighborhood is primarily made up of elderly people. Since we have chickens we have been cleaning and packaging eggs and leaving them at doorstops. My boys have even drawn on the egg cartons “to make it cheery”. The boys have really enjoyed being “Easter bunnies” and our neighbors have enjoyed not having to worry about finding eggs. Hope y’all are staying safe and well!

  • Azra: March 29, 2020

    You ladies are so strong. In this time of uncertainty, we have to follow what we are advised not to jeopardize our health and the health of others. But there are a lot of people who suffers from mental health issues. This may be extremely tough for them. During this time, I am open to have conversation with any of my friends who need it. Sometimes talking to someone can relieve a lot of the pressure that we may feel on our chest. I am here in any way I am capable and I am needed.

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