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Behind Each Bracelet is a Woman with a Story

Posted on August 22 2019


Individually, each bracelet tells more of the story more deeply, more personally. 

Crocheted into each Lotus Sky bracelet is the woman who crocheted it- her entire universe, her children, her hardships, her vast successes. All summed up into one little circle of hope.

As we stress over and over again, we handcraft each bracelet ourselves within Lotus Sky. Unlike so many distributors buying bracelets from big dealers in Nepal and reselling them all over the internet, each Lotus Sky design is crafted in small batches by a single maker to ensure consistency in stitch and consistency in energy and vibration- Harmony in song.

It is important to keep showing this to you as the web proliferates with ever more products from all over the world, making it harder and harder to discern the story behind them, the people behind them. 
Each bracelet is an ancestor of all the bracelets that came before. The bracelets that perfected the sizing, the stitching, the patterning so that future generations of bracelets could succeed and thrive.

So here we have it: Bina crocheting the Strawberry Fields bracelet. Bina is the mother of a special needs son. She takes him for special treatment every day and takes her crocheting along with her so that she can work while she waits. She is his protector, his rock, his heart.

This bracelet represents Bina's strength as a mother for her son and all the years of hard work from the Lotus Sky Women who have worked to improve our techniques, our designs, our sizing, our stitching. 

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