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Tihar in Nepal!

Posted on October 26 2014

Last week was the festival of Tihar (Divali) here in Nepal!  All of us at Lotus Sky had a great time watching and participating in the festivities and the lights that shone across the city were beautiful and inspiring!
During Tihar, different animals are celebrated on each day including crows, dogs, and cows- many dogs are given tikas and flower garlands and look like they're having a pretty great time!  It was on Kukur Tihar (the day celebrating dogs) that we went to Durbar Square, an old square in Kathmandu, to enjoy the lights and rock some of our latest glass beadwork art bracelets!
Tihar, candles, divali, lights, hindu
Many candles placed on the steps of the pagodas in Kathmandu's Durbar Square! 
Tihar, durbar square, nepal, travel, kathmandu
There were also many electric lights draped over all of the buildings!  This modern way of celebrating Tihar can be seen throughout the city- the government suspends the scheduled power cuts we normally have everyday to let everyone enjoy these lights!
Kathmandu, Tihar, Durbar square, kurta
Isabelle wore a kurta, traditional Nepali dress, and chose some matching beaded hoops and a necklace from the Lotus Sky Autumn collection to match the bright dazzle of the kurta.  She wasn't the only one taking pictures by the candles!
Durbar square, Tihar, Nepal, travel
The streets were crowded and vendors sold brightly colored powder for making mandalas. The beads of our jewelry sparkled in the light and we felt inspired to imagine new designs for beaded creations!
Freek street, Nepal, masks
We also explored Freak Street, a road of restaurants that arose with the first wave of modern tourists that came to Nepal!
Tihar, Nepal, lazer
There were many bright lights there too and we loved the abstract look of these green lights on a building.
Looking at all of the Tihar lights made us think of our latest hand crocheted bangles which also sparkle brilliantly. Here are some we've just finished which are for sale in our shop in Boudha, Kathmandu...
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By Isabelle 


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