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Lotus Sky Winter Collection in the Kathmandu Jungle

Posted on November 16 2014

A Trip to the Forest pt.2
After frolicking about in the hilly jungle, our forest fairy model Shantara descended towards the last ridge of the valley for a refreshment. There are many large and tranquil restaurants on the edge of the Kathmandu valley, often with lawns, huts, and sometimes even swimming pools. They are mostly frequented by young couples looking for a date spot away from their often large extended family's chaperoning gaze. This peaceful spot we found was perfect for showing off some more from our winter collection, this time with more casual styling.

Lotus Sky, boho jewelry, Nepal, hippie jewelry, boho style, brass earrings
This winter we're really into stacking necklaces- mixing different handmade pieces to create a statement piece. Here, Shantara is wearing a multi-string beaded necklace over a turquoise bead necklace for an opulent bohemian look. She is also wearing hand made brass earrings with intricately woven wire which stand out against her simple dress.
Lotus Sky, forest flower, Kathmandu, Nepali jungle, Nepal
We found no end of beautiful plants around us including these lilac flowers.
Lotus Sky, boho jewelry, Nepalese jewelry, Nepal, turquoise jewelry
These huge red flowers are all around this November and are just as bold a statement as Shantara's jewelry.

Lotus Sky, miniature palm tree, Nepal, Kathmandu valley
The restaurant also had quaint details like this miniature palm tree.
Lotus Sky, pink boho jewelry, pink statement jewelry
Even though winter is coming, the days are still warm in Nepal and, even where they aren't, we think this striking pink necklace looks great and will brighten up any winter day.

Lotus Sky, recycled bone jewelry, buffalo bone, bone jewelry, Nepalese jewelry
More stacked necklaces! This time hand made from recycled buffalo bone. Shantara wore these as she explored this little bamboo thicket and we love the contrast of the statement necklaces with this simple sweater.

Lotus Sky, recycled bone jewelry, stacked bone necklaces, Nepalese jewelry, handmade bone jewelry
So that concludes part two of our forest adventure. Which was your favourite look? And have you tried stacking statement necklaces yet?
By Isabelle 


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