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Lotus Sky Silver Jewelry on a Hazy Morning

Posted on December 07 2014

A Hazy Morning Draped in Silver Jewelry
Some mornings you get up, down your coffee and rush our of the house, hopefully to do something you love, but other mornings there's nothing better than taking it slow, lounging around and pondering. But still with great jewelry. Here's our lazy Sunday morning in Nepal, and also our silver jewelry collection.
Lotus Sky, Nepalese silver jewelry, boho jewelry, gypset
Taking a stroll past Tibetan craft shops and monasteries to a nearby coffee shop for a vanilla latte and coming back home to lounge in bed is one of the joys of living in Kathmandu.

Lotus Sky, Nepalese silver jewelry, Tibetan jewelry, boho style, boho jewelry
We love the feeling of stacked silver rings and how they look against grey wool- cold and warm combined. Our hand-cast silver rings incorporate Tibetan aesthetics, bohemian quirkyness and construction inspired pieces.

Lotus Sky, Tibetan silver jewelry, Alice in Wonderland, boho style, lazy morning
Dipping into a book and another world with otherworldly accessories is captivating. 

Lotus Sky, Tibetan silver jewelry, Tibetan model, coffee, boho jewelry

Lotus Sky, Nepali silver jewelry, mala, roll on bracelets, boho chic
Tibetan malas and teddies, jewel box necklaces and lace.

Lotus Sky, Tibetan silver jewelry, singing bowl, stacked rings, boho style, gypset
Hearing the soothing sounds of a Tibetan singing bowl creates a serene atmosphere. 

Lotus Sky, silver jewelry, singing bowl, Tibetan model, satin, roll-on bracelets, fairytale

Lotus Sky, Tibetan silver jewelry, singing bowl, medicine box, buddha eyes
This Tibetan medicine box, crystal, and eyes of the Buddha make for striking yet serene pendants,

Lotus Sky, Tibetan silver jewelry, medicine box necklace, gypset

Lotus Sky, Tibetan silver jewelry, roll on bracelets, crystal jewelry
A steaming cup of green tea by the window can't be beaten, especially now winter has come into the valley.

Lotus Sky, Nepali silver jewelry, roll-on bracelets, crystal necklace, boho style, gypset
And throwing on a silk kimono tops off the perfect lazy morning.
What do you think of our silver jewelry? We have lots in our shop in Boudha, Kathmandu, but would you like to see more of it in our webshop? And how do you like to spend a lazy morning?


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