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Journey in Sundarijal Village

Posted on February 23 2015

About 15 km outside of Kathmandu lies the hilly village of Sundarijal, where young girls shepherd their goats, scrambling like young goat kids up and down the rocky terrain.  


Outside of the city, the air is easier on the lungs and the villagers are inquisitive, but friendly and interested, as we haul our bags of beadwork bracelets over the rocky boulders that line the riverbed, heading toward the waterfall where we aim to do a photo shoot with three local girls.  


Pema, who is also a face of Lotus Sky, is on this day behind the scenes, recruited to assist with hair and make-up, as she has just completed beautician training at one of Kathmandu's ubiquitous beauty parlors. Finding work in whatever one formally studies is a struggle for many young people in Nepal, and we are excited to have her apply some of her newly acquired knowledge for Lotus Sky!


Sangye, the manager of the Lotus Sky boutique in Kathmandu, and, as we call her, the "reluctant model" (she is stunningly beautiful, yet ambivalent about being in front of the camera), is incredibly strong for her lithe frame and handles the weight of several kilos with grace and ease as we head toward our destination.


Once there, the magic begins as we try to capture the natural beauty of these Sundarijal goddesses in their natural habitat...











We wouldn't want to forget the lovely goats that pranced around us as we did our photo shoot:


Thank you to all of you who came with us on our Lotus Sky Journey to Sundarijal Village!

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