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My Color Story

Posted on January 06 2016

Here at Lotus Sky, we are all about celebrating vibrancy and color schemes!

Just like there are songs that can capture the moment, all girls have their own unique color scheme that makes them shine! 

Each of life's little moments can be painted with color to remember the occasion, the mood, the ambiance, the feeling. A day at the seashore might be Teal, Champagne, and Snowflake Silver. A trip to the county fair is perhaps remembered as Cherry Pop Red, Simply White, and Royal Blue. A snowy winter day might be Simply White and Snowflake Silver, while a sunny summer day might imprint on the mind as Starlight Gold, Sunshine Yellow, and Pearlescent.

This is why we have over 30 unique Lotus Sky colors for you to choose from when designing custom bracelets!
Here is a look at some of our newest color schemes and the inspiration behind them:
1.) Bohemian Goddess
Shimmering in Simply White, Starlight Gold, Teal, and Midnight Black, this Goddess takes us from the light to the dark with an assertive pattern stacked high on her delicate wrists. Transitioning from daytime to nighttime with ease and still turning heads, the Goddess brings an authentic Mediterranean flair to the streets and the boardwalk.
Handmade Nepal Bracelets Beaded

2.) Midnight Starbright
Like starlight shimmering in the midnight sky, the Midnight Starbright girl is a beauty of the darkness with rays of light enveloping her. In a little black dress or her perfect black skinny jeans, she is alluring, confident, and bold.
Fair Trade Nepal Bracelets

3.) Rustic Sandstone 

With a mix of Dark Gold, Snowflake Silver, Champagne, and Simply White, this neutral-chic look of Rustic Sandstone is as desert worn as it is festival fringe hippie-bohemian! The Rustic Sandstone girl isn't afraid of showing her natural beauty, being raw, letting her hair out in the wind, and having a wanderess adventure!

Bead Nepal Bracelets Handmade

4.) Amethyst on Ice
As glacial as she is heart-meltingly beautiful, the Amethyst on Ice girl is as cool and confident as a purple cucumber. Bringing together Entranced Purple, Simply White, and Snowflake Silver into an artisanal pattern, 3 of these little glass bead beauties will look fabulous on any girl's wrist!
Seed Bead Nepal Bracelets

Find these bracelets and heaps of other color concoctions at Lotus Sky on Etsy and the Lotus Sky Web Boutique.

Looking flawless has never been so fun and arm candy has never been so colorful! 

One of the best aspects of Lotus Sky is that we are a small team in the studio every single day, allowing us to be totally customer responsive and inspired! So, don't hesitate to fire away your best ideas and give us a challenge!
   Now, tell us, what color schemes are you rolling this week?  

  What would you like to see us crochet up a batch of in the  future?   
   Drop us a comment below and you might just see your ideas    brought to arm candy fruition!   
   Plus, if we like your color combo and decide to crochet it up, we'll let you know and send you a $10 Lotus Sky Gift Card!  

  And now, for our blog fan special: Type CATCHMYDREAMS in the comments field at checkout to earn a FREE handmade dreamcatcher with your order!  

Beaded Nepal Bracelets
Handmade Dreamcatcher Nepal
Nepal Roll On Bracelets

Sweet Dreams!

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  • brenda milo: May 25, 2019

    I would love to see larger animal prints; black/white zebra stripes, yellow/brown giraffe patches, yellow/brown cheetah, orange/black tiger stripes thanks!

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