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Get to Know Lotus Sky Girl, Sarah!

Posted on January 31 2016

fair trade glass bead bracelets
Hi all!
Lotus Sky girl, Sarah, here!
Many of you may know me as the photographer and creative director for all things Lotus Sky- maybe we’ve chatted via Etsy convo or discussed a collection for your next trunk show over email! : )
While I am the Lotus Sky “voice,” I usually keep my face (and wrists) behind the scenes! I love to let my talented and gorgeous team of models shine and do what they do! : ) You might have seen me in a couple of Lotus Sky "At the Studio" videos, but its pretty rare that I jump in front of the camera!

 That said, I absolutely adore wearing Lotus Sky bracelets and am a majorly HIGH STACKER! I love the endless mixing and matching and creating new looks through different color scheme and pattern pairings! Don't you?!?
Nepal Roll On Bracelets
I had a lot of fun with this funky monochromatics set- I could wear these stacked high on both wrists any day, like my beaded armor!

Ok…I am obsessed. And it is pretty much true that I eat, drink, sleep, LIVE Lotus Sky bracelets. In fact, one of our main quality control, sorting, and packing centers is…you guessed it…the living room of my Kathmandu flat! 

Huge piles of bracelets, constantly in transition, are my only furniture pieces in the room! So yep, we are dedicated, heart, soul, mind, and home- it is bracelet madness, galore!

Most of the Lotus Sky bracelet Grab Bags are put together right in my living room by Sangye, Rekha, and me. We sort and photograph thousands of bracelets per week, but sometimes the sorting process turns into an opportunity to try on color combo after color combo, stack after stack, like in this recent wristie:

Sometimes I just can't help myself and have to spend taxi time deleting wristies from my phone!
Sarah Chapman Lotus Sky
I love pairing my leopard print and zig zag bracelets with a handcarved recycled bone necklace for a look that is as totally timeless Nepal, as it is modern every-girl!
While I was visiting my family in the US for the first time in over 2 years (and a heck of a lot has happened during those 2 years), I got to see my cats and dogs who live in Michigan with my mom and dad. The kitties adore the bracelets as much as I do!
Nepal Beaded Bracelets Lotus Sky Sarah Chapman
This feline friend is Harper, a sleek grey cat I rescued from a cat shelter while I was a volunteer there.
Or maybe I am just projecting...Harper is kind of over it in this shot!
One of the new product lines that I am over-the-moon about are our glass beadwork bracelets with charms! Here I am hand modeling our tribal elephant charm with an ethnic-chic grey, emerald, and gold patterned bracelet! 
What do you think? Would you like to add a charm or two to one of your bracelets? What kind of charms would you like to see paired up with Lotus Sky bracelets?
Beaded Nepal Bracelets
We have a lot of ideas we'd like to bring into fruition in 2016, so tell me directly - what would you like to see more of? What color and patterns are you crazy about? Do you want to see necklaces and wrap-around bracelets? More sets or wholesale options?
I am so excited to hear your ideas and always love it if you drop a photo, so drop me a line or a pic- I am all eyes and ears!

Remember, if you send me a pic and I decide to feature it on social media, you'll be the lucky recipient of a $10 Lotus Sky Gift Card to load up on your arm candy at www.lotusskyjewelry.com! So, what are you waiting for? Get clicking! : )
XO Sarah

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  • Nancy curtis: May 25, 2019

    I love the monochromatic ones you did with the little beads and then the larger one you going to be offering those? I also wish I could stack them as high as you do on my wrist but since I’m large your girl my wrist hurt my wrist start at large and the rest of my arm is a little bit larger I’m working on that but not hasn’t happened yet.

  • Nancy curtis: May 25, 2019

    I would love to see some necklaces I looked at the ones the girls have gone in there just amazing. I also would like to see some with the charms there’s a couple on your arm that are kind of like a peach in Keller I can’t locate them but I’ll keep looking for my next order by the way I’m sending you screenshots today

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