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**Set of 10 assorted training bracelets**

From the beginning, Lotus Sky's charity division, Sisters Under One Sky, which offers free, peer (and women-led) training to women in the community, has been committed to paying women in training from DAY 1.

As women, we know that we are the bedrock of our families, the safe place for our children.  Therefore, we understand that to take a risk and learn a new skill and potentially launch a new career, women need to have complete financial security during training.

Therefore, whether a bracelet breaks, is too thin, is patterned incorrectly, or has a closing error, the women in the Sisters Under One Sky program are still paid for each bracelet they complete while in training.

Because our standards are very high, less than 25% of the bracelets that are made by the Sisters team is ever sold as a "training bracelet" either at an event or online.

This means that every "training bracelet" we can sell is incredibly important in supporting this charitable arm of our social enterprise.

At the end of the year, we have more "training bracelets" that can be sold than have been sold and have decided to help our Sisters Under One Sky program with this special sale.

The "training bracelets" are all checked and properly closed.  They may have small pattern or sizing variances.  Each little "imperfection" represents a woman who is on her way to economic sustainability!  

We hope you will join us in supporting our Sisters Under One Sky program with these bracelet collections that make great collection builders and stocking stuffers!

Thank you for all that YOU do for women!  : )

As pioneers in the "Know your Makers" movement, each and every Lotus Sky bracelet is carefully handcrafted by an official member of our all-woman team in Kathmandu, Nepal. This direct funnel from artisan to consumer connects you with the actual artisans behind your bracelets and means that money isn't wasted in the sales funnel on third party dealers or distributors.

We are 100% woman run and operated because we know that when women have access to reliable income in a healthy, sustainable, and supportive environment backed by sisterhood, they make economic decisions that result in empowered communities, increased educational opportunities for themselves and their children, and medical access. Their lives are transformed! 

Perfect Fit

Each Lotus Sky beaded bracelet is crocheted on natural cotton thread and has a bit of give, much like a sweater. Our standard 7 inch bracelets will comfortably slide over the hand to fit effortlessly on the wrists of most women.

However, our goal is to make our arm candy accessible to everyone! If you would like a customized size, we will be more than happy to crochet it for you!

Simply write your size request in the "Special Instructions for Seller" in your cart at checkout, or contact us to start a custom order!

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