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Roll On Your Nepal Bracelet | Americana Flag

🌟 Handmade with soul in Nepal 🌟 Glass seed beads, cotton thread 🌟 7" to easily roll over your hand 🌟 Gift-ready in a Tibetan silk pull-tie jewelry pouch 🌟 Effortless global fusion arm candy, delivered!

    Because just one is never enough! 


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    • Free in store pick up is available in Kathmandu.

    Social Good

    Lotus Sky is a pioneer in the "Know Your Makers" movement. Each and every Lotus Sky bracelet is carefully handcrafted by an official member of our all-woman teams in Mexico and Nepal. This direct funnel from artisan to consumer is something we'd like to see more of, connecting you with the people who are the actual creators of your jewelry and bypassing third party dealers. Before you buy artisan handmade products on the web, we encourage you to ask yourself, "Who made this and how many hands did it pass through to get to me?" Because with Lotus Sky, it's directly from our crochet needles to your wrists!

    At Lotus Sky, we believe in going beyond fair trade to join the fashion revolution, a movement where not only fair trade standards are met and exceeded, but where you know the faces and names of the women artisans behind each and every bracelet you choose!

    1. In recognition of FAIR TRADE business principles, Lotus Sky:
    2. Ensures more than a living wage, so that Lotus Sky women can save money, not just make ends meet
    3. Seeks to create long-term, holistic relationships with all Lotus Sky women
    4. Provides free ongoing training for all Lotus Sky women, so that they have opportunities to continue to grow and learn within the business
    5. Ensures a reliable, sustainable income with college plans, financial planning assistance, and continued opportunities for leadership roles
    6. Ensures healthy, eco-friendly working conditions for all 
    7. Builds strong, personal relationships with and among all Lotus Sky women and their families for a true community
    8. Repudiates child or forced labor of any kind
    9. Empowers women to make their own career choices, with work-from-home or “studio-track” options
    10. Ensures that women are never punished for medical or maternity leaves
    11. Encourages women to open their own bank accounts in their own names to ensure financial security and independence

    We ascribe to the principles of FAIR TRADE business practices to use commerce as a tool for positive change for all Lotus Sky women- fabricators and consumers, alike!

    Because when women have access to reliable income in a healthy, sustainable, and supportive environment backed by sisterhood, they make economic decisions that result in empowered communities, increased educational opportunities for themselves and their children, and medical access. Their lives are transformed!


    Perfect Fit

    Each Lotus Sky roll on bracelet is crocheted on natural cotton thread and has a bit of give, much like a sweater. Our standard 7 inch bracelets will comfortably roll over the hand to fit effortlessly on the wrists of most women.

    However, our goal is to make our arm candy accessible to everyone! If you would like a customized size, we will be more than happy to crochet it for you!

    Simply write your size request in the "Special Instructions for Seller" in your cart at checkout, or contact us to start a custom order!