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$3.75 Training Bracelets - Sisters Under One Sky Project!
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This special grab bag is available to our wholesale partners during this holiday season.  Use these bracelets to supplement your stand or to offer incentives at checkout for your customers. 

These bracelets are created by women still in training with our Sisters Under One Sky Program.  You'll receive an assorted mix of original sized bracelets in your chosen quantity.


Through Lotus Sky's Sisters Under One Sky training program in Kathmandu, Nepal, women who have become leaders within Lotus Sky guide and mentor local women who have signed up for beadwork classes with us!


Sisters Under One Sky is a rigorous program that entails the dedication of 4-6 full time weeks from our students. Additionally, Sisters Under One Sky is a platform for Lotus Sky women to spread their wings and emerge as community leaders, heading classes and training their students in everything from measuring, to using a crochet needle, to understanding patterns. Lotus Sky teachers are also peer mentors, providing help to their students as they set up bank accounts for the first time, make decisions about pursuing higher education, and evaluate options for their children.


All up and coming Lotus Sky women crochet bracelets while they are still in training. In order to support our Lotus Sky students as they are learning, they are paid for their work to ensure that they have the financial security to devote 4-6 weeks to regular daily training.


Some of the "training" bracelets we simply cut apart. Others, however, are fully crocheted and closed bracelets. We do not sell damaged bracelets. Rather, some training bracelets are a little looser or tighter than others. Some might have a small hiccup in the pattern, often unnoticeable to the lay eye.


We know that many people would love to wear these bracelets (we do!!) Even better, selling them helps us continue to fund our training programs, supporting both our teachers, students, and maintaining our studios!


When charities or fundraisers make use of these bracelets, it is a way to double their impact!


Lotus Sky bracelets have always been "bracelets with a purpose," but selling our training bracelets ensures that we can continue to bring opportunities to more and more women in the Boudhanath community in Kathmandu, Nepal.


We hope you love our creations!!  : )

As pioneers in the "Know your Makers" movement, each and every Lotus Sky bracelet is carefully handcrafted by an official member of our all-woman team in Kathmandu, Nepal. This direct funnel from artisan to consumer connects you with the actual artisans behind your bracelets and means that money isn't wasted in the sales funnel on third party dealers or distributors.

We are 100% woman run and operated because we know that when women have access to reliable income in a healthy, sustainable, and supportive environment backed by sisterhood, they make economic decisions that result in empowered communities, increased educational opportunities for themselves and their children, and medical access. Their lives and communitites are transformed! 

Perfect Fit

Original sized Lotus Sky bracelets are crocheted to an approximate length of 7 inches, so that they have an inside circumference of about 6.5 to 6.75 inches.  We have found that this is the preferred bangle size for the majority of women.

We crochet our bracelets on hand-dyed natural cotton thread, so that they have a slight give to easily and comfortably slide over the largest part of the hand, while still resting perfectly right below the wrist bone.

If you are not quite sure that our original sized bracelets will fit you, there are two helpful measurements:

>>> If the length across the top of your hand, from your index finger knuckle to your pinkie knuckle is around 3 inches, our original sized bracelets should easily slide over your hand.

>>> If your wrist circumference is anywhere between 5-6.75 inches, our original sized bracelets should fit.  However, if you prefer more wiggle room or a tighter fit, you can downsize or upsize appropriately.

Our bracelets are by women, for women.  Therefore, we know that bracelets should not be "one size fits all."

You can find our Inclusive Sizing Chart here: https://lotusskyjewelry.com/pages/sizing

If a design is not available in your size, simply write your size request in the "Special Instructions for Seller" in your cart at checkout, or contact us to start a custom order!

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All other countries ship for a flat rate of $18.

Free in studio pick-up is available within Kathmandu.