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Lotus Sky: Where Social Entrepreneurship Meets Fashion for Good

At Lotus Sky, we believe in going beyond fair trade to join the fashion revolution, a movement where not only fair trade standards are met and exceeded, but where you know the faces and names of the women artisans behind each and every bracelet you choose!


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Lotus Sky women are true mentors and leaders in their communities where they work to fund clinics, educate women and girls about domestic violence and political rights, build new churches, and serve as role models, even as they complete their college educations and save for the bright future that they envision for themselves!


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Grounded in the principles of social entrepreneurship, we believe that when women are empowered, whole communities benefit.


Lotus Sky women choose Lotus Sky because we offer not only a wage that allows them to open a bank account, save money, and invest in college educations, but also training opportunities for the chance at advancement and a true career!


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Our innovative studio-based training program, Sisters Under One Sky, was originally conceived as a way to unite Tibetan refugees, Nepali, and Himalayan migrant women with people from all over the world who are passionate about sustainable and transformative women's empowerment.


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The Sisters Under One Sky model not only provides leadership opportunities to local women as trainers and studio mentors, it ensures that Lotus Sky women receive ongoing training to develop skills and access new opportunities.


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That's why Lotus Sky is a 100% woman run project, with an emphasis on peer-to-peer mentorship and 98% of our college aged women not only enrolled in school, but funding their own educations!


Your Lotus Sky Bracelets are more than just pretty arm candy- they are bracelets with a purpose!

how to make nepal bracelets