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"I believe that women's empowerment in Nepal starts with economic options and a stable career path.  When women have more than a living wage, they can put money in the bank and invest in things like education, healthcare, and an improved standard of living.  Lotus Sky women could all make ends meet by carrying bricks.  They choose Lotus Sky because we offer them not only a wage that allows them to  save and invest  for the first time, but the chance for training opportunities, advancement, and a true career.  A living wage as defined by fair trade is simply not enough.  Living wage means you can buy rice and pay your rent.  Women need to be able to save money in order to invest that money in the things that matter to them."

- Sarah Chapman, Lotus Sky Creative Director

** Please note when making a wholesale order that turnaround can be up to 4-6 weeks depending on the volume of bracelets ordered. Please always email us in advance when making a quantity order to confirm production and turnaround time at Thank you!

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Dark Noir Grab Bag - 6 Assorted Bracelets Dark Noir Grab Bag - 6 Assorted Bracelets Quick View

Dark Noir Grab Bag - 6 Assorted Bracelets

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In this gift set package you will receive six assorted dark themed bracelets, each handmade by a member of the Lotus Sky all-woman team.  Each brac...