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Lotus Sky Studio Manager, Nima's, Handpicked Faves!

Lotus Sky : Keeping Your Wrists Ethical!


We know ethical production matters to you.  You have an amazing heart and mean well. 

But it can be super hard in this day and age to know where your products really come from and who to trust.


That's why we keep our customers in the loop and connected with a constant stream of content on our social media (check us out on Instagram

Each of your original Lotus Sky Ⓡ bracelets is handcrafted and designed at our studio in Kathmandu, Nepal and we are the authentic authors of each of the designs you see featured on our website.


As thought leaders in the New Fair Trade Movement in Nepal, we, the women of Lotus Sky Ⓡ, are championing the next level of ethical production and 

Lotus Sky Ⓡ bracelets are more than pretty arm candy.  They are symbols of sisterhood, empowerment, and the global Women Helping Women movement.


Please enjoy getting connected to one of our leaders and Lotus Sky Ⓡ Studio Manager, Nima.

And, enjoy her handpicked Lotus Sky Ⓡ bracelet faves!