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7.25" Sets

Anyone who has ever worn crocheted roll on bracelets knows that they are NOT one size fits all. While it is true that this construction of bracelets offers a bit of give, much like a sweater, everyone knows that sweaters are not one size fits all just because they have a little stretch!
You should not yank your bracelet to get a larger size! While our bracelets are finely handcrafted, they are handmade items crocheted on natural cotton thread! Yanking your bracelet into the "correct" size will ultimately only thin your bracelet, as the beadwork is stretched apart and the thread is weakened!
At Lotus Sky, we are here as your dedicated all woman artisan team to make sure that your bracelets are a perfect fit. We will never suggest that you tug your bracelets into the correct fit, but instead, always have our crochet needles ready to create your favorite designs in your true fit. So many women have written to us over the years and thanked us for giving them the chance to wear this style of bracelets and it makes our hearts so full to be able to create for wrists of all sizes!
As always, any of the bracelet designs you see on our website can be crocheted to order in a custom size. However, all of the bracelets in this collection are ready to go now in a larger size!