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2 Packs

You have been asking, "What happened to the Nepal bracelet sets?"  And we know a lot of you love to have curated sets ready to go as a gift for yourself or to gift to a friend who cares about fashion with a conscience. 

We also know that the heart of Lotus Sky for most of our customers is the connection to us: your designers and artisans. 

So for this collection, each of these 2 packs has been put together by Lotus Sky Studio Manager, Sangye Dolma Lama. Sangye will be curating 2 packs throughout the month featuring bracelets that she absolutely loves and also thinks complement one another so well. These are bracelets she herself wears!

Even better, besides just supporting the New Fair Trade Movement, providing women in Nepal with sustainable careers and a saveable wage, 20% of the proceeds from these 2 packs will go directly into our updated Lotus Sky Women's Scholarship Fund that now includes the daughters of Lotus Sky women! It's amazing!

Now, take your pick!