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The Symbolism of Nepalese Jewelry

Posted on September 30 2016

Jewelry with Meaning 

Oftentimes, Nepalese jewelry will embody Sanskrit words, which gives each item a personalized message; this sort of customization is hard to come by in modern jewelry, given the bulk production and shoddy craftsmanship of the wholesale industry.

The icon “Om” is ubiquitous in Nepal and India, and one well-known in American culture for those involved in meditation, yoga, or pilates. It is therefore not a surprise that “Om” is known to have properties of healing. It is synonymous with harmony, relaxation, and calm.

The aforementioned healing powers are especially associated with bracelets from Nepal. Colorful and bright, these valuable collectors’ items are used to balance the energy of the body and soul, heightening good health and diminishing demons. They are worn by tribal women in bulk. 

Commonly used in bracelets, Dzi beads—otherwise known as the beads of God—are used as amulets. These beads are over three thousand years old, so it isn’t surprising that they’re immersed in a plethora of spiritual mythology often associated with amulets. They are protectors, whether that may be for disasters, spirits, or any other sort of bad will. They are potent, bringing along with them serendipity and prosperity.  Bead bracelets from Nepal are rooted in mysticism, a strong part of the spiritual culture.

The base of most of the jewelry of this culture is copper, silver or gold. In fact, these beautiful trinkets are almost always garnished in natural material, whether that be stones (i.e. turquoise, coral, tiger eye garnet, lapis lazuli, agate, etc) or animal bones.

These ornaments don’t feign perfection; rather, they are rugged and rustic, evidence of the hard work that goes into making them. All of it is handmade; machines are not involved.

The jewelry adorned by women of tribes of Nepal can reveal a lot about them, including status, wealth, and beauty. Interestingly enough, the prosperity of a Nepalese tribal culture at any point in time could be implied by the quantity of hued pieces worn by the women.

In all sorts of ways, Nepalese jewelry embodies all things positive; it has the ability to keep afloat all good will and maintains a beauty so characteristically unique and beautiful. The colors, material, and density of these ornaments all embody the wonderfulness of the culture, proving that quality is synonymous for authenticity. Be sure to check out Lotus Sky Jewelry for some wonderful bracelets handmade in Nepal.




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