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The Cultural Significance of Nepalese Jewelry

Posted on June 30 2016


Nepalese Jewelry Making

There is no denying that the hand-crafted jewelry of Nepalese or Tibetan women is nothing short of gorgeous. Sure, it is not your typical style of jewelry as it does not possess the clean lines that are found in western jewelry. The rustic style has a beauty all its own. In order to truly appreciate the jewelry of Nepal, you must understand its history.

Nepalese women are not the only ones responsible for the stunning jewelry. Tibetan women who have immigrated to the mountains of Nepal in the 1950s to escape the invasion from China.

In Nepal and Tibet, jewelry plays a significant role in the culture. With the area being predominantly Buddhist, jewelry is used as a spiritual symbol. In the early stages of Buddhism, statues of Buddha were not used and instead, symbols were used in reference to Buddha. The Eight Auspicious Symbols are:

  • Two Golden Fishes (Unity & Fidelity in Marriage)
  • Parasol (Wealth & Prestige)
  • Endless Knot (Wisdom)
  • Conch Shell (Teachings of Buddha)
  • Treasure Vase (Abundance & Wealth)
  • Wheel (Teachings of Buddha)
  • Lotus (Enlightenment)
  • Victory Banner (Buddha’s Victory & Enlightenment)

Pendants with these symbols will adorn necklaces and bracelets in Nepal.

The color is also used as a symbol. For example, turquoise is seen as a color that protects the wearer on their travels. Red represents life and the forces of life such as the lifesaver or destroyer. Dark blue represents healing and green represents balance and harmony.

It is also worn for decorative purposes as much as it is symbolic. When you view the rustic and vibrant quality of the pieces, it is easy to see why women would want to wear the pieces every day.

Nepalese jewelry is now popular in the Western world. At Lotus Sky, we specialize in the beaded roll bracelets that are handmade in Nepal. You can have a beautiful piece of this culture on your arm.

All of our bracelets are customizable to find one that fits your style. Order your bracelet online today and return to our blog page to learn more about the Nepalese culture and jewelry.  


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