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The Benefits of Hosting Your Own Jewelry Party

Posted on August 31 2016

Jewelry parties are so  fun. We’ve all been there before—trying on different designs, laughing with friends and a bottle of wine, and finding the perfect piece to wear for next season.


There’s nothing better than shopping alongside friends—and we’ll tell you why you should start hosting your own jewelry parties to keep the fun rolling!


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  • You get straightforward, honest opinions. Friends are the type of people who will pause and let you know how amazing you look when you do. They’re also the same people who will tell you that you have spinach in your teeth, your shirt is unflattering, or that your makeup is smudged. Hosting a jewelry is all about the friendships you have there—your friends will help you find the jewelry that matches you best!

  • You get to have a carefree, relaxing evening. Although it seems like selling jewelry might feel like a larger responsibility, it will actually be a lot more calm and fun among friends. There isn’t a larger expectation to blow your friends away with a crazy sales pitch. Instead, it will be a fun way to try stuff on, snap some photos, and possibly find the perfect accessory. It’s a win all around!

  • You get plenty of girl time. It’s sometimes hard to maintain friendships when everyone is busy with work, school, kids, and just life in general. But hosting a jewelry party is a good way to round up the girls and talk about life—romances, careers, families. Jewelry parties can turn into fun sleepover type parties!

  • You get to make memories. After all, there’s nothing better than getting everyone together to share in an evening of fun, gossip, and friendship…

  • Except maybe jewelry. And bracelets. Create customized bracelet stacks just for your friends and help them choose their perfect color combos! There’s something for everyone and so much to try on!



Convinced? Ready to start your own jewelry party? Ready to look at gorgeous, new items and match the perfect accessory to each of your friends?

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